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Fire is one of the five elements all Heroes and Enemies in the game are of. The appearance is usually red.

Fire gets 30% damage bonus vs Nature units and -25% damage bonus vs Water units. Water gets 30% bonus vs Fire units.

Dark and Light units are unaffected.


Synergies of Fire heroes: Scourge Hide Icon.pngPerpetual Flame Icon.pngFeed the Flames Icon.pngFiery Renewal Icon.pngFire Priestess Icon.pngLegacy of Flame Icon.pngSpirit of Fire Icon.pngStoked Fires Icon.pngFire Power Icon.png

Fire Heroes get the following passive buffs:

Scourge Hide Icon.png Epic Scourge Hide III (Trait) by Emperor Zulkodd token 0.png Emperor Zulkodd
Cleanses 3 Debuffs on all Demon and Fire allies at the start of this Hero's turn. (This trait replaces the trait 'Scourge Hide III' when the Epic is unlocked.)
Perpetual Flame Icon.png Perpetual Flame (Special Attack) by Ember Sanguine token 0.png Ember Sanguine
Resurrects target ally and other Fire allies, then heals the team and also heals them each turn for 3 turns. Starts Powered.
Feed the Flames Icon.png Feed the Flames (Trait) by Ember Sanguine token 0.png Ember Sanguine
Self and Fire allies heal a % of the damage dealt.
Fiery Renewal Icon.png Fiery Renewal (Trait) by Ember Sanguine token 0.png Ember Sanguine
Whenever a Burn debuff is applied to an enemy, all allies gain +5% max health.
Fire Priestess Icon.png Fire Priestess (Trait) by Ember Sanguine token 0.png Ember Sanguine
This hero gains 10% damage reduction for each other fire hero on the team. Attacks have a [25/50/100]% chance to burn on hit. The percentage depends on the rank (I-III) of this trait. Each Ascension increases the boost.
Legacy of Flame Icon.png Legacy of Flame (Trait) by The Furnace token 0.png The Furnace
Self and Fire allies gain +15% ATK, +15% HP, +10% DEF and +10% SKL.
Spirit of Fire Icon.png Spirit of Fire (Trait) by Nitpick token 0.png Nitpick
+15% ATK for self and Fire allies.
Stoked Fires Icon.png Stoked Fires (Trait) by Crucible token 0.png Crucible
Other Fire and Construct allies have a chance to apply Superheated on basic attacks.
Fire Power Icon.png Fire Power (Trait) by Ignus.png Ignus the Mad
Immune to Fire damage, and self and Fire allies deal boosted damage to Burning targets.


Fire heroes are vulnerable to: Fireborn Icon.pngCloak of Fire Icon.png

Fire Heroes are vulnerable to:

Fireborn Icon.png Fireborn (Trait) by
Balur token 0.png Balur
Ferno token 0.png Ferno
Spitfire token 0.png Spitfire
Burn Immune, heals instead of taking damage from Fire attacks, and deals boosted damage to Burning targets.
Cloak of Fire Icon.png Cloak of Fire (Trait) by Ember Sanguine token 0.png Ember Sanguine
Allies gain immunity to burn and take 50% less damage from fire attacks.

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