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Mystical trait icon.

Most Casters use ranged attacks that deal Spirit damage. Exceptions include Marrow, Lord Zomm and Icepick. Many of them have powerful spells that can blow away a whole group of enemies.

All Casters receive the trait Mystical Icon.png Mystical that boosts damage against Slow and Tank enemies. Boosted damage is varied based on the level of Mystical Icon.png Mysticalthe hero has.


Synergies of Caster heroes: IFF Targeting Icon.pngArcane Winds Icon.pngIntellect Icon.png

Caster Heroes get the following passive buffs:

IFF Targeting Icon.png IFF Targeting (Basic Attack) by Bauble token 0.png Bauble
Melee physical attack on target enemy, OR heals target friendly construct, OR target ally gains a class-specific buff (Tanks get DEF+, Healers get CRIT+ and SKL+, Casters get +1 ENERGY, all others get ATK+.)
Arcane Winds Icon.png Arcane Winds (Trait) by Selwyn token 0.png Selwyn the Enduring
When on a team with Pontifex Mortis, Selwyn and allied Casters gain +1 Energy at the end of each round.
Intellect Icon.png Intellect (Trait) by Iris token 0.png Iris
Gains 1 stack of Intellect for each Buff applied on Iris, each stack granting +5% SKL. When at 5 stacks, Intellect is removed and allied Monsters and Casters gain Hive Mind (+25% Damage Penetration, +25% Damage Reduction, and +25% SKL).


Caster heroes are vulnerable to: Caster Hunter Icon.pngCrush the Nerds Icon.png

Caster Heroes are vulnerable to:

Caster Hunter Icon.png Caster Hunter (Trait) by Zurk token 0.png Zurk
2x damage against Casters.
Crush the Nerds Icon.png Crush the Nerds (Special Attack) by Zurk token 0.png Zurk
Melee Physical attack that deals 2x damage against Casters.

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