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ThaliaPortrait Small.PNG If you build a team all of beasts, many will buff each other!

The Beast Family has a good team Synergy. See Beast mechanics for details of the passive buffs that beast allies gain, especially when Solaris token 0.png Solaris and Grog Gnog token 0.png Grog-Gnog are present.


The following 12 Beasts are found in the game. Clicking them will bring up a detailed report of their abilities and traits.

Bovus token 0.png Bovus El Doro (Beast/Warrior/Silver)
Goretusk token 0.png Goretusk (Fast/Fast/Beast/Tank/Gold)
Grog Gnog token 0.png Grog-Gnog (Ogre/Beast/Warrior/Legendary)
Jabber token 0.png Jabber Clenchjaw (Beast/Warrior/Bronze)
Jibber token 0.png Jibber Clenchjaw (Beast/Warrior/Bronze)
Julius token icon.png Julius (Beast/Tank/Gold)
Leonidus token 0.png Leonidus (Beast/Tank/Gold)
Lupina token.png Lupina (Fast/Fast/Beast/Rogue/Gold)
Pignius token 0.png Pignius Maximus (Demon/Beast/Tank/Silver)
Solaris token 0.png Solaris (Beast/Healer/Legendary)
Sun Wukong token 0.png Sun Wukong (Beast/Warrior/Legendary)
Torchy token 0.png Torchy (Fast/Fast/Beast/Rogue/Bronze)


Synergies of Beast heroes: Fiery Soul Icon.pngHog Wild Icon.pngLarge And In Charge Icon.pngPack Fury Icon.pngSnow Day Icon.pngPack Leader Icon.pngPack-scout.pngMythical Beast Icon.pngPack-heart.pngBestial Roar Icon.pngPack-tactics.pngGrisly Rampage Icon.png

Beast Heroes get the following passive buffs:

Fiery Soul Icon.png Epic Fiery Soul (Trait) by Solaris token 0.png Solaris
Beasts on this Hero's team have wild and untameable souls, making them Spirit and Fire immune. They take 20% less Chaos damage. (This replaces the 'Fiery Soul' trait once her Epic is unlocked. She keeps her other immunities (such as Fear Immune, etc) from Fiery Soul.)
Hog Wild Icon.png Hog Wild (Trait) by Pignius token 0.png Pignius Maximus
Gives all Beast allies a [35/50]% chance of triggering an extra Basic attack after using a basic attack. The chance depends on rank (I/II) of this trait.
Large And In Charge Icon.png Large And In Charge (Trait) by Grog Gnog token 0.png Grog-Gnog
[+30%] Max Health for each Beast ally and [+30%] Attack for each Ogre ally. Ally includes self, meaning Grog-Gnog already gains +30% HP and +30% ATK without allies. [%] increases with Skill.
Pack Fury Icon.png Pack Fury (Trait) by Jabber token 0.png Jabber Clenchjaw
+CRIT Chance for self and Beast allies.
Snow Day Icon.png Snow Day (Special Attack) by Grog Gnog token 0.png Grog-Gnog
Ranged Water attack on all enemies that grants team Snow Day, buffing +DEF and modifying abilities of allied Beasts and Ogres. Starts Powered.
Pack Leader Icon.png Pack Leader (Trait) by Lupina token.png Lupina
+ATK for self and Beast allies.
Pack-scout.png Pack Scout (Trait) by Torchy token 0.png Torchy
+SKL for self and Beast allies.
Mythical Beast Icon.png Mythical Beast (Trait) by Solaris token 0.png Solaris
Allied Beasts gain 20% HP for each Beast on the team. Beasts start the dungeon with Phoenix Feathers (the buff prevents corpses from being removed).
Pack-heart.png Pack Heart (Trait) by Julius token icon.png Julius
+Max HP for self and Beast allies.
Bestial Roar Icon.png Bestial Roar (Special Attack) by Pignius token 0.png Pignius Maximus
Buffs team ATK, then self and all Beast allies then each attack a random enemy.
Pack-tactics.png Pack Tactics (Trait) by Bovus token 0.png Bovus El Doro,Goretusk token 0.png Goretusk,Grog Gnog token 0.png Grog-Gnog,Jabber token 0.png Jabber Clenchjaw,Jibber token 0.png Jibber Clenchjaw,Julius token icon.png Julius,Leonidus token 0.png Leonidus,Lupina token.png Lupina,Pignius token 0.png Pignius Maximus,Solaris token 0.png Solaris,Sun Wukong token 0.png Sun Wukong,Torchy token 0.png Torchy
Boosted damage against Ogres and chance to Retaliate any attack against an allied Beast.
Grisly Rampage Icon.png Savage Rampage (Special Attack) by Bovus token 0.png Bovus El Doro
Melee Physical attack on target and 1 random enemy, plus additional attacks on random enemies equal to the number of Beast and/or Warrior allies on the team.


Beast heroes are vulnerable to: Unnatural Fear Icon.pngProtector of the Realm Icon.png

Beast Heroes are vulnerable to:

Unnatural Fear Icon.png Unnatural Fear (Trait) by
Hopper token 0.png Hopper
IGOROK token 0.png IGOROK
Iris token 0.png Iris
Koros token 0.png Koros
Mangle jaw token.png Mangle Jaw
Marrow token 0.png Marrow
Phemus token 0.png Phemus
Phenol token 0.png Phenol Thoxian
Immune to Fear and chance to Fear Beasts on hit.
Protector of the Realm Icon.png Protector of the Realm (Trait) by William token.png Sir William
Takes less damage from Beast, Demon, Monster, and Undead enemies and deals 2x damage to those enemy types.

William token.png Sir William and Alexandros.png Alexandros had been a Beast Hunter Icon.png Beast Hunter in the past. They no longer have this trait.

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