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On 2018-06-14 Sifu token.png Sifu Jianzhi, Masuta token 0.png Masuta Kira, Black Diamond token 0.png Black Diamond and Shadowblade token 0.png Shadowblade founded the new Assassin Family.

All members of this family are a Martial Artist Icon.png Martial Artist and they use several secret and forbidden techniques. Shhh!

Note: Of particular note is the fact that Black Diamond token 0.png Black Diamond gives all Light.png Light allies on the team the family trait Martial Artist Icon.png Martial Artist through her Light Assault Icon.png Light Assault trait, which makes them Assassins. This means that Light.png Light allies also benefit from the Assassins' passive buffs.

Unlike in other games Assassin is a Family not a Class in Dungeon Boss.

Assassins are damage focused and can dodge enemy attacks to defend themselves. Masuta token 0.png Masuta Kira also brings the Stealth Technique Icon.png Stealth Technique, which gives him and all Assassins a high Damage Reduction. They also can weaken their opponents with debuffs aimed at disabling enemies such as Paralysis Icon.png Paralysis and Off-Balance Icon.png Off-Balance.

The two Legendary Assassins Aria token 0.png Aria and Serenity token 0.png Serenity buff the team even more through their Epic traits. Assassins specialize in physical damage, which gives them the Haste Icon.png Haste Buff from Serenity token 0.png Serenity when the attack is a single-target Physcial attack.

The majority of Assassins are Fast Icon.png Fast on the attack.


Assassins using Stealh Technique (buff)

The Assassin family has relatively good synergy with each other, as almost every member of the family brings a passive buff in the form of a technique that passively buffs the other Assassins by simply bringing them together.

Synergies of Assassin heroes: Acrobatic Technique Icon.pngAssassin Troupe Icon.pngStealth Technique Icon.pngSecret Technique Icon.pngForbidden Technique Icon.pngSurprise Technique Icon.pngWarrior's Chi Icon.pngNull-Magic Technique Icon.pngSanctified Spell Absorption Icon.png

Assassin Heroes get the following passive buffs:

Acrobatic Technique Icon.png Acrobatic Technique (Trait) by Aria token 0.png Aria
Assassin allies take 25% reduced damage from melee attacks. Enemies deal 25% reduced damage while Provoked, Paralyzed, or Off-Balance.
Assassin Troupe Icon.png Assassin Troupe (Trait) by Aria token 0.png Aria
Allied Assassins gain +15% ATK and +15% DEF for each Assassin ally.
Stealth Technique Icon.png Stealth Technique (Trait) by Masuta token 0.png Masuta Kira
Assassin allies have a chance to enter Stealth (takes -50% damage until the hero's next turn) at the start of the dungeon and at the end of their action.
Secret Technique Icon.png Secret Technique (Trait) by Sifu token.png Sifu Jianzhi
All Assassin allies gain Shield Piercing on basic attacks.
Forbidden Technique Icon.png Forbidden Technique (Trait) by Shadowblade token 0.png Shadowblade
Self and allied Assassins start dungeons with Evasion lasting 1 turn.
Surprise Technique Icon.png Surprise Technique (Trait) by Black Diamond token 0.png Black Diamond
All Assassin allies gain a chance to apply Off-Balance on basic attacks.
Warrior's Chi Icon.png Warrior's Chi (Special Attack) by Sifu token.png Sifu Jianzhi
Heals self, then grants self and allied Assassins and Warriors DEF+ buff, +1 Energy and Haste.
Null-Magic Technique Icon.png Null-Magic Technique (Trait) by Serenity token 0.png Serenity
Other Assassin allies have a chance to apply Null-Magic on a basic attack, a status that prevents the next buff added.
Sanctified Spell Absorption Icon.png Epic Spell Absorption (Trait) by Serenity token 0.png Serenity
Allies take significantly reduced damage from non-Physical (-60%) and Chaos attacks (-20%). Assassin allies take even less damage (-70% and -30%, respectively). (This trait replaces 'Sanctified Spell Absorption' when the Epic is unlocked.)


Assassin heroes are vulnerable to:

All items (6)