Utica the Forgotten


Normal: Summit of Power- 4, Festering Halls-5, Bone Blight- 5, Path of Darkness- 6

Challenge: 6

Element Water
Type Undead
Class Warrior
Speed Slow

Attacks and Abilities

Skill Name Type Cooldown Skill Description
Team Leech Special Attack 7 Melee Sprit attack in which a portion of the damage dealt returns as Lifesteal for the team.
Armor Break Special Attack 5 Melee Physical attack that lowers DEF.
Bitter Strike Active 5 Melee Water attack with a chance to Freeze, starts Powered
Savage Fury Passive None Damage increases as HP drops below 75%.
Lifeless Passive None Immune to Poison, Disease, Wound and Venom.
Soul Eater Passive None Heals when dealing a killing blow.


Levels Dungeon Names
11-4, 11-6, 16-7, 21-9 Summit of Power, Festering Halls, Bone Blight, Path of Darkness