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Evos are used to ascend your Heroes. One Ascension requires few different Evos and varying amounts of each. Single colored Evos can be found in almost every dungeon and almost always appear, whereas double colored Celestial Evos (called Celestial class materials) only appear in select dungeons and have a very low chance of appearing.

The Bushido Evo is needed 47 times to fully ascend all 17 Heroes currently in the game that use this Evo.

You can buy this Evo for 800 gems. On the Ascension tab of the Hero's profile you can tap the Evo to see in which dungeon it is available and to buy it for gems. ThaliaPortrait Small.PNG Check out the PWN Shop and Honor Shop for more daily offers! (No gems needed)


If you're lucky you can find this Bushido.jpg Bushido Evo in the following Dungeons. In campaign dungeons Celestial Evos are rare and hard to find. Some Rare Celestial Evos (those for 800 gems) are even harder to find!

ThaliaPortrait Small.PNG Visit Evo Island to collect these rare and shy beings, Boss!

Chapter Dungeon Name Token(s) Evos
12-1 Purged Lands Rogar token 0.png Fire Evo Larva.pngFire Evo.pngFire Evo Monarch.pngBushido.jpg
14-5 Pillaged Village Squinch token 0.png Fire Evo.pngFire Evo Monarch.pngBushido.jpg
Evo Island 1 to 5
(Fire.png Fire)
Scorched Island
(Evo Island on Wednesday)
Bushido.jpgCrypt.jpgIncendiary.jpgMoonlight.jpgArcane.jpgEarth Sisters.jpgJewelled.jpgMind's Eye.jpgFire Evo Larva.pngFire Evo.pngFire Evo Monarch.png
Evo Island 1 to 5
(Nature.png Nature)
Evergreen Island
(Evo Island on Thursday)
Celestial.jpgBushido.jpgCaveborn.jpgRuned.jpgBrawny.jpgEarth Sisters.jpgInfinity.jpgSubterranean.jpgNature Evo Larva.pngNature Evo.pngNature Evo Monarch.png


You can craft Evos in the Craft menu. This Evo can be combined using the following materials:

Nature Evo Monarch.png Nature Evo Monarch 20
Fire Evo Monarch.png Fire Evo Monarch 20
Spirit.jpg Spirit Evo 2
Gold.png Gold 500,000
Gems.png Gems 70

Ascensions used for

This Evo is needed to ascend the following Heroes:

Token Hero Ascension 1 Ascension 2
Deadeye token 2.png Deadeye Celestial.jpg x2
Bushido.jpg x8
Fire Evo.png x40
Light Evo Monarch.png x30
Drakk the Warlord token 1.png Drakk the Warlord Bushido.jpg x4
Dark Evo Monarch.png x15
Fire Evo.png x20
Nature Evo Monarch.png x45
Ferno token 2.png Ferno Celestial.jpg x8
Bushido.jpg x2
Fire Evo.png x30
Nature Evo Monarch.png x30
General Krexx token 1.png General Krexx Bushido.jpg x2
Dark Evo.png x11
Fire Evo Monarch.png x16
Nature Evo.png x43
Goretusk token 2.png Goretusk Brawny.jpg x8
Bushido.jpg x2
Dark Evo Monarch.png x30
Water Evo.png x45
Hansuke Undying token 1.png Hansuke Undying Bushido.jpg x2
Fire Evo.png x5
Nature Evo Monarch.png x18
Nature Evo.png x45
Harbinger token 1.png Harbinger the Terror Arcane.jpg x4
Bushido.jpg x6
Dark Evo.png x30
Nature Evo Monarch.png x20
Indigo token 1.png Indigo Bushido.jpg x2
Nature Evo.png x15
Water Evo Monarch.png x15
Water Evo.png x40
Masuta token-0.png Masuta Kira Bushido.jpg x1
Fire Evo Larva.png x5
Light Evo Larva.png x35
Light Evo.png x20
Samurai Takumi token 1.png Samurai Takumi Bushido.jpg x1
Dark Evo.png x5
Water Evo Monarch.png x15
Water Evo.png x44
Shadowblade Token 2.png Shadowblade Bushido.jpg x4
Dark Evo Monarch.png x10
Nature Evo.png x30
Sifu token 1.png Sifu Jianzhi Bushido.jpg x1
Light Evo Monarch.png x15
Light Evo.png x46
Water Evo.png x5
Spitfire token 2.png Spitfire Bushido.jpg x2
Crypt.jpg x8
Dark Evo.png x30
Fire Evo Monarch.png x30
Sun Wukong 1.png Sun Wukong Brawny.jpg x12
Bushido.jpg x2
Caveborn.jpg x6
Moonlight.jpg x8
The Furnace token 1.png The Furnace Bushido.jpg x2
Fire Evo.png x45
Nature Evo Monarch.png x17
Water Evo.png x5
Viperia token 1.png Viperia Bushido.jpg x2
Light Evo Monarch.png x16
Nature Evo.png x42
Water Evo.png x12
Yokozuna token 2.png Yokozuna Bushido.jpg x4
Dark Evo.png x30
Water Evo Monarch.png x10