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Buff Steal - This effect instantly steals 1+ buffs from the target.

Type: effect - Category: Status Effect

See also: | Buff Steal Icon.png Buff Steal | Cleanse Icon.png Cleanse | Derision Icon.png Debuff Transfer | Honor Guard Icon.png Parry | Purge Icon.png Purge | Cleanse Icon.png Cleanse (self)

While Purge is bad for the opponent, Buff Stealing is even worse because you can use the stolen Buff against them.

However, this is not always the best idea if the buff is Taunt Icon.png Taunt and your hero is not exactly a Tank and can take a lot of damage.

Malice Token.png Malice is a notorious buff stealer while Iris token 0.png Iris not steals but copies Buffs with her Watch and Learn Icon.png Watch and Learn trait and Observation Icon.png Observation debuff.


The following heroes have or can inflict/apply Buff Steal:

Siphoning Sunder Icon.png Siphoning Sunder (Special Attack): Steals 1 Buff from all enemies, then melee physical attack on single target. Damage multiplied for each buff on this hero.

Rays of Light Icon.png Rays of Light (Special Attack): A tether of light reaches outward from this Hero to all enemies. Transfers damage dealt to this Hero to enemies instead. The debuffs on this Hero and buffs on enemies are swapped.

Pillage Icon.png Pillage! (Special Attack): Melee Physical attack and all allies each attack a random enemy, with a chance to steal Buffs on hit. Rage increases the number of Buffs stolen.

Soul Devour Icon.png Soul Devour (Special Attack): Ranged Dark attack that Lifesteals and steals all Buffs from the target, adding them to Hopper.

Heist Icon.png Heist (Special Attack): Ranged Spirit attack that drains 1 Energy and steals all Buffs, adding them to Ignus. Rage grants allies additional Energy.

Magic Prism Icon.png Spirit Link (Special Attack): Creates a link between target ally (or self) to a random enemy that steals buffs and healing from enemy, and transfers [x%] damage and debuffs to enemy by giving the ally a buff and the target a debuff. Lasts 3 turns, can't be dodged. Starts partly charged, requires +1 energy to be Powered. The [percentage] increases with level.

Envious Rampage Icon.png Envious Rampage (Special Attack): Melee Physical attack on target and 2 random enemies that Lifesteals and has a chance to steal a Buff on hit.

Mire token 0.png Mire
Nature's Reclamation Icon.png Nature's Reclamation (Special Attack): Ranged Spirit attack that drains 1 energy, steals all Buffs, and adds them to the caster. Adds 1 energy and increases DEF of all Spirit and Nature allies for 3 turns.

Absorbing Smash Icon.png Absorbing Smash (Special Attack): Undodgable Melee Physical attack that steals Buffs from the target equal to the number of Gelatinous Mass stacks on Phenol.

Spirit Link Icon.png Spirit Link (Special Attack): A Spirit Link is established between the attacker and the target by giving the attacker a buff and the target a debuff. Reflects [x%] damage and debuffs to target enemy, and steals healing and Buffs from target enemy as long as the Link is active. Lasts for 3 turns. Can't be dodged. Starts partly charged, requires +1 energy to be Powered. The [percentage] increases with the level.

Zola token 0.png Zola
Serpent Strike Icon.png Serpent Strike (Special Attack): Melee Physical attack that steals all Buffs with a chance to Freeze. Purges all Venom on the target for boosted damage.

Epic Heroes with Buff Steal:

Terminus.png Terminus (Epic): Chance to do 3x damage and steal all target's buffs on a killing blow.


The following heroes are immune to Buff Steal:

You Can't Catch Me Icon.png You Can't Catch Me! (Trait): Flying allies can't have buffs removed or debuffs added by non-Flying enemies.
The Last Word Icon.png The Last Word (Trait): Slow allies and self take 30% reduced damage from Fast enemies. Slow allies revenge attacks twice. Slow allies can't have buffs removed or debuffs added by fast enemies.