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B666 B666 7 July 2019

Known Bugs

Plague Ponti is listed incorrectly in

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B666 B666 17 February 2019

New Portal Update

The update is live and there are a lot of changes to be done here in the wiki to reflect the changes in game. This is kinda a TODO list to keep track of it:

  • 1 Marked pages that needs to be updated
  • 2 Strange things
  • 3 TODO List=
  • 4 Stuff done

  • Category:UpdateNeeded
  • Dungeons / Tokens
  • todo: Gold Island need to be added to Module:Dungeons/data. The entries got lost because in the old Template:Dungeons were a lot of event dungeons. They have been not converted. [1]
  • Category:Pages_with_script_errors
    • some things went wrong here
  • Category:Pages_with_broken_file_links
    • images might be missing, or is used wrong

  • Template:Evos
    • has attribute dungeons but this does not care about Normal & Challenge Mode. This was probably was not necessary at that time.
    • Evos from Boss Mode are m…

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Crimson Kid Crimson Kid 28 January 2019

Abilities/Tratis, Effects, and Technicalities

We see and think about things. How they work, what their specifications are, how long it'll last, etc.

Dungeon Boss features many Abilities and Traits for our Heroes. To shake up the battles, a wide variety of Effects are thrown, either to benefit one or place the other at a disadvantage. Now, while the descriptions for Abilities, Traits, and Effects are simple enough, there are still other factors hidden in play. Some require the use of formulas or set percentages/multipliers.

I decided to start with all the Heroes' Abilities & Traits and the Effects. (Abilities would include Basic Attacks and Special Attacks.)

What I plan on doing is gathering information from the assets. I'll do some testing by running dungeons in-game so see if any pulled …

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PhantomFlamePhoenix PhantomFlamePhoenix 20 January 2019

What heroes would people like to see added?

What heroes would you like to see added to DB?

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PhantomFlamePhoenix PhantomFlamePhoenix 6 January 2019

Best teams

Here is my favourite team:

, , and

What about you?

, , and ~ B666 (talk) 21:39, January 6, 2019 (UTC)

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Crimson Kid Crimson Kid 19 October 2018

Campaign Archive

I'll establish a specific storage facility for images that I composed for documenting Campaign enemies.

View the template here:

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Crimson Kid Crimson Kid 16 October 2018

Planning on Campaign

Since things are calm as to maintaining Heroes and their latest Abilities/Traits, I thought about pitching in on documenting the entities over at Campaign Mode.

I'll compose icons for these enemies, check and see what Abilities and Traits they have, add in official info about said enemies, etc. An example:

NOTE: It's important that I document these in a formal manner!

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Llamanamedbob Llamanamedbob 16 September 2018

New Page Ideas

Anyone got any ideas of new pages that could be incorperated into this Wiki? If you do, feel free to comment them below, as if I am able to gather information about an offered idea, I will surely try to create a page tailored to such an idea.

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Crimson Kid Crimson Kid 26 April 2018

Crimson's DB Vault

This'll be where I'll showcase things from my Dungeon Boss findings.

I made a separate blog for discovering unused hero portraits. You can find them here: User blog:Crimson Kid/Unused Hero Portraits.

Artwork that's used to represent the character.

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VaporVerse VaporVerse 7 April 2018

Zomm Tokens

Is there an easy way to earn Zomm tokens?

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Crimson Kid Crimson Kid 14 January 2018

Unused Hero Portraits

While surfing through Dungeon Boss' hero portraits, I noticed some with unfamiliar names. You may have seen a couple of these previously (particularly on this DB forum thread: unreleased heroes confirmed edited 5).

  • 1 ​Berserker
  • 2 ​Brutedemon
  • 3 ​Blackknight & Whiteknight
  • 4 ​Orchid
  • 5 Villagers
  • 6 Manticore
  • 7 ​Kali
  • 8 Dragonwarrior & Dragonjade

The three ascension portraits for this guy, similar to Howling Mad Jibbers. I was interested at how this hero was referenced as "berserker" in the files.

Four portraits for all elements except Light. Looks potential as a legendary demon, eh? Referenced as "brutedemon."

Two ascension portraits for both. While the masked portraits were previously seen before on the forums, I was able to find portraits without their mask. Refer…

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Ideas for new heroes

So, since groggnog exists and he is supposed to be the child of Kang Kung, I thought why not have a sulfurious child!

Dragion (say it dra-gi-on)

A fire dragon caster


Looks like a hero sized version of sulfurious that is flying.

Basic attack: Bite

Signature move: Day Of The Dragon:

Ranged fire attack on all enemies that burns and has a chance to fear the target.


Flame driven:

Does 2x damage to nature enemies and revenges any attack dealt to a fire ally.

Thick skin:

Works like the original trait

First ascenscion:

Gets spikes on his forehead and back

New skill: Feared presence

Melee physical attack on an enemy that has a chance to fear all enemies and wounds the target.

New traits:


When he dies, all allies get the buff "pyromania" w…

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Jaw Daddy Jaw Daddy 10 February 2017

Lupina Transforms

It's Lupina's turn to shine, with a brand new Epic, Doompelt ,and some changes to abilities and passives!

First, let's talk about Lupina's Doompelt! With this Epic, Lupina has a random chance to Howl, invoking a mass beast attack! Lupina attacks the target, and all beasts alive on team attack 1 random enemy. If at least one enemy dies, the rest of the enemy team is feared. Pretty nifty!

Now onto the new changes for Lupina!

  • Lupina is now a FAST Hero.
  • Lupina is now a Rogue Hero.
  • Pack Fury is now Pack Leader and buffs Beast Allies' Attack
  • Intensify Burn is now Burning Rampage and attacks Target + 2 random enemies with a chance to Burn.
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Josephyr Josephyr 11 March 2016

Adoption of the wiki.

Hello fellas!

I am an administrator on the wiki, meaning I have the tools to delete, block, edit locked pages, etc...

Now, currently, we have no active bureaucrats, which is the user-right that allows a user to promote other users to admin. Since the only bureaucrat on the wiki is inactive, and I am an active admin, I felt that it would be best for the wiki for me to attain bureaucratic rights via adoption (where Wikia Staff will give them to me - my request can be found here). :)

A lot of you have put hard effort into this wiki, and I want to be able to promote those who are helping out a great deal! =]

Please leave your feedback and/or support in the comments below!


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Deep Blues Deep Blues 9 March 2016


Hey guys, Deep Blues here (in case you couldn't tel XD)

I've been having some internet problems recently and as a result I won't be able to help make edits until those are fixed. I can't give an exact date but it may be around a week

Thanks for understanding guys.

(ps. Please ignore spelling errors. This was made in a rush)

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Deep Blues Deep Blues 18 February 2016

Icebloom event

As well all know, there is a current Icebloom even taking place. I am going to work on info soon, but I'm not sure if to make a new page or work or adding it on the old one. It is kinda part of the Crystal Citadel but kinda not. Thoughts?

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ClashofClanster ClashofClanster 11 February 2016

What hero should you use?

Having trouble with finding a team? Wanting a better fit? This blog will help you find just the right and perfect team!

There are many classes in the game: Warrior, Healer, Tank, Caster, and Rogue. You want to get an even team so you can counter all of them or almost all of them. Here is my take on what classes you should pit against other classes.

Tank beats Caster.

Casters have reasonably low health but do a lot of damage. Tanks can withstand this damage and some deal a lot of damage in return (like IGOROK.) This means that the Tank can take out the Caster. Though be warned that some Casters (like Pontifex Mortis) have resonable health and Pontifex Mortis reincarnates if he was killed by being hit (not by Poison or Burn.) IGOROK or Alexandr…

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Deep Blues Deep Blues 30 January 2016


Hey guys, a friend of mine with IGOROK picked up on in the next update he got a new Trait. He has sent me Screenshots but I have no idea how to put them on the Herobox. So I'll put the pictures on this Blog Post and hopefully someone can put it on the IGOROK page.

Hopefully someone can put these to good use!

Thanks to SteveyBobBilly (his Dungeon Boss account)

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Deep Blues Deep Blues 20 January 2016

More Healers Please?

Hey guys!

I've been spending quite a bit of time thinking about what exactly to write in the: How to Use this Hero sections, and the roles heroes play in teams. In doing so, I have noticed that the only two characters actually capable of singlehandedly keeping an entire team healed are Yasmin and NubNub. So I was thinking, does Dungeon Boss need more Healer heroes, dedicated soley to healing an entire team? Not a really important thing, but I just wanted to put it out there. I also thought up a few ideas for some healer characters, as I will write below, because some people might find them intresting.

A Fire healer. Proably would look something like a mix between a Fire Willow and a Fire Yasmin. Her powers would look something like this:


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Chawk110 Chawk110 15 January 2016


The first time I played this game, I started out probably just like many of us do without information. You can get pretty far, until the levels get harder and harder. I looked to see was there any information in regards to this game and there it was dungeon boss wikia. After reading and absorbing the information that was available to me, my game strategy has improved greatly.

It has already been posted, it takes 5 energy for most dungeons and some it takes 7. If you're just starting out, you don't have much energy. I would like to recommend the dungeons you have open that you do them over again and pay careful attention to the sparkling items, you gain money, keys, and energies. The other options are that you can do the quests and there you…

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