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Improve your Heroes permanently with Blessing of the Seeker

Blessing of the Seeker.png

Blessing of the Seeker will give you an opportunity to earn a permanent boost for each Hero in your collection. The Bonus adds +15% to the extra damage you do to enemies that are weak to a Hero’s elemental attribute. To give you an idea as to how much of a difference that is, if your Hero’s element is Fire.png Fire then they do +30% extra damage to Nature.png Nature. The Blessing will make it +45% extra damage.

How to earn a Blessing

Orbs from Heroic Portal Summon

There is a series of Quests which reward you with Blessings when you collect specific quantities of these new Orb.png Orbs that we’re introducing in this update.

Orbs have a chance to be loot in the new Challenge Mode dungeons and can also pop out of the Heroic and VIP Portals.

The Quests start with a requirement of 100 Orbs, 250 Orbs, 500 Orbs, and finally 1000 Orbs to complete. The 1000 Orb quest then repeats. Each Quest reward will give you a full Blessing unlock for one of your characters. You can’t stack these, so choose your characters wisely!

As a related new feature – the Quest window is now tabbed. The new tabs are Daily, Campaign, and Event. You can find the Blessing quests in the Event tab.

How to apply a Blessing

Once you have completed a quest to earn the Blessing a Hero's portrait in the character sheet will show you the "Apply Blessing" button.

Simply cycle to the Hero you want to have the Blessing and press the button. In this example, we chose Ignus.

((stub: image))

You will then be prompted with a confirmation window.

((stub: image))

Now you can see the Hero has the Blessing icon on the portrait.

((stub: image))

What exactly this Blessing does

All Heroes have an elemental affinity. In our case Ignus is a Fire.png Fire affinity Hero. He does extra damage to Nature.png Nature element Heroes. Normally this damage is a +30% boost. With the Blessing this is now increased to +45%.

((stub: image))

However, there is one catch! If a Nature.png Nature enemy has a Blessing then our damage bonus from the Blessing is canceled out. This also works in our favor. Now that Ignus is Blessed any Water enemy that is Blessed will not get that extra 15% damage bonus vs Ignus.

If you tap the Stats page you will also see the damage increase for elemental damage has updated to 45%.

PVE enemies can have Blessings

Other players can and will have Blessings in Dungeon Raids. Yes, PVE Enemies can also have Blessings. Most of the later Dungeons in the new Challenge Mode feature enemies with Blessings. It is highly suggested that you have your Heroes Blessed before entering those dungeons – you have been warned!