Barkface the Berserker
Barkface the Berserker
Slow Monster Tank
Dark Dark, ★★★★★★ stars
A slow, tough brute who can ignore Taunt.


Swing Icon

A Basic Melee Physical attack.

Rabid Icon
Rabid Rage

Melee Physical attack on target and 2 random enemies with a chance to Disease.

Bull Rush Icon
Bull Rush

Melee Physical attack that drains 1 Energy. Rage adds additional attacks on random enemies.

Team Leech Icon
Team Leech

Melee Spirit attack in which a % of the damage dealt returns as Lifesteal for the team.

Special Abilities





Boss Mode Icon Boss Mode: 12-1 The Wastewoods (N) (Dark Forest)

ThaliaPortrait Small The Wastewoods (Normal): Witches and monsters dwell in these woods, it's not too late to turn back...
Energy Icon 10 stamina, ' rooms, ?' enemies, recommended level: 72
Loot: , Dark Evo, Nature Evo Monarch
+1700 XP for each hero,

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