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Attack Speed is what determines the order of your heroes' attacks. The speeds are Fast, Normal, and Slow, where fast Heroes attack first, then normal, followed after by slow heroes. Any hero that is not identified as Fast Icon.png Fast nor Slow Icon.png Slow by the corresponding Traits on their hero card is normal speed. Knowing the order of attack is important when you plan a Dungeon Raid or check out the The Tower of Pwnage.

Attack Order in PvE

In Dungeons all Fast Icon.png Fast heroes attack first, one by one as selected (left to right). Then all Fast Icon.png Fast enemies strike back. This is the fast speed phase of the round.

After that, in the normal speed phase, all normal heroes can do an action, followed by all enemies.

Last but not least, in the slow speed phase, all Slow Icon.png Slow heroes attack, followed by all Slow Icon.png Slow enemies.

Attack Order in PvP

In Raids and The Tower of Pwnage, defenders always go first but all Heroes and enemies take turns attacking. Like in PvE mode, every round has 3 phases: fast, normal, slow phase.

First, the first Fast Icon.png Fast defender attacks, followed by the first Fast Icon.png Fast attacker. Then, the next Fast Icon.png Fast defender attacks (if present and alive), followed by the next Fast Icon.png Fast attacker. If one side (attacker or defender) has no fast heroes, it's the turn of all fast heroes of the other side before the normal heroes have their turn.

The normal speed phase works the same, just for normal speed heroes. First normal speed defender attacks, followed by first normal speed attacker. Then next normal speed defender, followed by next normal speed defender, etc.

Finally in the slow speed phase, the slow heroes can perform their actions, one by one, first slow defender begins.

The Impact of Selection Order

Important: All heroes attack in order of their speed and their selection order, from left to right. If you select a team of

Order of selection

then the effective order in which your heroes' turn is (left to right):

Order of attack

because Shade token 0.png Shade and Hopper token 0.png Hopper are Fast Icon.png Fast, Craw token 0.png Craw is normal speed (he has not a fast nor a slow trait), and Zomm token.png Lord Zomm is Slow Icon.png Slow.

Read more in My Dungeon, How Targeting Works (The AI Explained).

The Impact of Debuffs

Retaliation Icon.png Revenge Attacks happen immediately after the attacker landed their hit.

Frozen Icon.png Frozen and dead characters always skip their turn, while characters that suffer Paralysis Icon.png Paralysis can lose their turn.

The Slowed Icon.png Slowed debuff makes the target slow and attacking last for a few rounds.

Classes by Speed (Chart)

Fast (30)
Jerry Rogue token.png
Rogue (16)
Jerry Warrior token.png
Warrior (4)
Jerry Caster token.png
Caster (4)
Jerry Healer token.png
Healer (5)
Jerry Tank token.png
Tank (1)
Abigail token 0.png Abigail the Brutal
Black Diamond token 0.png Black Diamond
Deadeye token 0.png Deadeye
Hopper token 0.png Hopper
Indigo token.png Indigo
Lupina token.png Lupina
Masuta token 0.png Masuta Kira
Miko the Marvelous token 0.png Miko the Marvelous
Rocky token 0.png Rocky the Shiitake
Serenity token 0.png Serenity
Daeris token 0.png Shadow Queen Daeris
Shadowblade token 0.png Shadowblade
Sybil token 0.png Sybil
Torchy token 0.png Torchy
Vulcan token 0.png Vulcan
Willow token 0.png Willow Swift
Archon token 0.png Archon
Dhaegon Stonecrusher token icon.png Dhaegon Stonecrusher
Harbinger token 0.png Harbinger the Terror
Undine token 0.png Undine
Crucible token 0.png Crucible
Grettle token 0.png Grettle
Kai Makani token 0.png Kai Makani
Shade token 0.png Shade
Ember Sanguine token 0.png Ember Sanguine
Kelpy Shells token 0.png Kelpy Shells
Lorelei token 0.png Lorelei
Mire token 0.png Mire
Zen token 0.png Zen
Goretusk token 0.png Goretusk
Normal (67)
Jerry Rogue token.png
Rogue (7)
Jerry Warrior token.png
Warrior (23)
Jerry Caster token.png
Caster (17)
Jerry Healer token.png
Healer (7)
Jerry Tank token.png
Tank (13)
Aria token 0.png Aria
Ekko token.png Ekko
Ella token 0.png Ella Ametryst
Hagrim Felhorn token 0.png Hagrim Felhorn
Yorick token 0.png King Yorick
Nimriel token 0.png Lady Nimriel
Viperia token 0.png Viperia
Admiral Kreel token 0.png Admiral Kreel
Agnon token 0.png Agnon
Bovus token 0.png Bovus El Doro
Drakk the Warlord token 0.png Drakk the Warlord
Emperor Zulkodd token 0.png Emperor Zulkodd
Grog Gnog token 0.png Grog-Gnog
Hansuke Undying token 0.png Hansuke Undying
High King Valkin token 0.png High King Valkin
Jabber token 0.png Jabber Clenchjaw
Jibber token 0.png Jibber Clenchjaw
Koros token 0.png Koros
Malice Token.png Malice
Mangle jaw token.png Mangle Jaw
Phemus token 0.png Phemus
Reyla token 0.png Reyla the Lightbringer
Rogar token 0.png Rogar Stonecrusher
Takumi token.png Samurai Takumi
Shieldmaiden Astrid token 0.png Shieldmaiden Astrid
Sifu token.png Sifu Jianzhi
Squinch token 0.png Squinch
Sun Wukong token 0.png Sun Wukong
Tsume token 0.png Tsume
Zurk token 0.png Zurk
Alrakis Skullkeeper token 0.png Alrakis Skullkeeper
Balur token 0.png Balur
Ferno token 0.png Ferno
Icebloom token 0.png Icebloom
Icepick token 0.png Icepick
Ignus.png Ignus the Mad
Iris token 0.png Iris
Kobal token.png Kobal the Pestilent
Lily Blossom token 0.png Lily Blossom
Lumin the Radiant token 0.png Lumin the Radiant
Marrow token 0.png Marrow
Nitpick token 0.png Nitpick
Niveous token 0.png Niveous
Pontifex token 0.png Pontifex Mortis
Selwyn token 0.png Selwyn the Enduring
Fiddlestrom token.png Therand Fiddlestrom
Zola token 0.png Zola
Emily token 0.png Archangel Emily
Bauble token 0.png Bauble
Cobressa token 0.png Cobressa
Craw token 0.png Craw
Dagrund token.png Dagrund Blacksmoke
Solaris token 0.png Solaris
Yasmin token 0.png Yasmin Bloom
Alexandros.png Alexandros
Balog token.png Balog the Loud
Cruel king token.png Cruel King Bramble
General Krexx token 0.png General Krexx
IGOROK token 0.png IGOROK
Julius token icon.png Julius
Leonidus token 0.png Leonidus
Overlord token 0.png Overlord Executum
Pignius token 0.png Pignius Maximus
William token.png Sir William
Spitfire token 0.png Spitfire
The Furnace token 0.png The Furnace
Yokozuna token 0.png Yokozuna
Slow (12)
Jerry Rogue token.png
Rogue (0)
Jerry Warrior token.png
Warrior (1)
Jerry Caster token.png
Caster (3)
Jerry Healer token.png
Healer (1)
Jerry Tank token.png
Tank (7)
Brom token.png Life Reaper Brom
Jin Lei token 0.png Jin Lei
Zomm token.png Lord Zomm
Yan Luo token 0.png Yan Luo
NubNub token 0.png Chief NubNub
Grondar token 0.png Grondar
Jumbeaux token 0.png Jumbeaux
Kozar Bonebreaker token 0.png Kozar Bonebreaker
Moriko token 0.png Moriko
Phenol token 0.png Phenol Thoxian
Stonefist token 0.png Stone Fist
Thraxx token.png Underlord Thraxx