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Ascension is the main mechanic of the game that creates stronger Heroes through materials gathered from dungeons and treasure chests. For each ascension level, the hero gains a new look, increased stats, and unlocked abilities.

ThaliaPortrait Small.PNG Every Hero can use Evos to Ascend twice. Each Ascension gives a new ability!

See Upgrading Heroes for a detailed explanation on raising star ranking.
See Hero Ascension Tokens to see how a hero's look changes upon ascending.

Materials (Evos)

Unlock abilities.jpeg

All materials for ascension are found in Dungeons, that means all kind and colors of Evos. By repeating specific dungeons, you can acquire rare Celestial Evos that can be used towards the hero's next ascension.

But there are more places where you can find Evos:
Visit Evo Island (Monday to Friday). It's good place to hunt for all kinds of Evos.

The Gem Shop and the PWN Shop offer now and then rare Evos for sale. You used to be able to get celestial Evos from the portal but that was removed in the New Portal Update (Feb-2019). Now you can only get Heroes from a Heroic Summon, and common items, Hero tokens and Evos from a great summon.

And with some gold and gems you even can combine Evos get exact the Evo you are looking for!

ThaliaPortrait Small.PNG Collect Evos to Ascend your Heroes and unlock new abilities!


Guarding Strike.jpg

The location for ascending a hero is found in the hero's tab, under the option Ascend. The top portion of the tab describes the abilities and Traits (Passives) that will be unlocked upon ascending the hero. A new icon and look will also replace its existing appearance.

The ability descriptions can be highlighted by tapping and holding onto the icon until its infobox shows up. 

Ascension location.jpg

The center of the tab describes the type of Evos and its quantities required to ascend this hero. A progress bar indicates how close that hero is towards ascension.

Clicking on those Evo icons brings list of that Evo's location in the Campaign, its Energy Icon.png Stamina requirements to enter that dungeon, the Hero Tokens that can be claimed, as well as other Heroes that can use the Evo. Higher leveled Dungeons will be locked and greyed out if the player has not unlocked the level.

Takumi First Ascension.jpg

Once the requirements for ascension are satisfied, the Ascend button will be highlighted and the hero undergoes a transformation. A new skill at tier 1 is added under the abilities tab, and the hero gains a new look. In addition, if passive abilities were gained, it would be located under the Stats tab. Stronger versions of itself would replace existing versions upon ascension.

See Combining Evos for a detailed explanation on how to create rare Celestial Evos from materials collected in dungeons or visit one of the Shops to buy the needed one. Evo Island is also a good source for rare Evos.

Stat Increase

The amount of stat increase upon ascending is variable from hero to hero. To demonstrate the increase, we'll have Selwyn token 0.png Selwyn the Enduring be the test subject.

Selwyn Base rank unascended

Selwyn base stats and traits

Selwyn base resistances

Selwyn base skills

Based on the images above, you will see that his appearance, his power level and his skills are untouched during this time. After heading over to the ascend tab, you will see the following images.

Selwyn ascend tab

Selwyn's first ascension

Ascending him will give him a new image, new abilities and new stat increases. Note that the stat increase within the profile tab will not reflect that change immediately, and that you will need to either enter a dungeon or log back into the game again to see the bonus effects.

Selwyn's first ascension

Selwyn's first ascension stats

Selwyn's first ascension resistances

First ascension abilities

After the ascension, you will see an increase across the stat board. To summarize the stat changes, here's the following table with the relevant information. The percent gain is calulated by taking the ascended value dividing it by the base value multiplied by 100, then rounding it to the nearest whole number. Since Selwyn's level is at 1, the amount of resistances gained from ascending is too small to see.

Base Stats Ascended stats Percent Gain
Power 228 294 29
Attack 139 151 9
Defense 110 120 9
Skill 132 144 9
Health 330 360 9
Crit Chance 6 6 NA
Crit Multiplier 2 2 NA
Dodge Chance 0 0 NA
Poison Resist 2 2 -
Fire Resist 2 2 -
Cold Resist 32 32 -
Disease Resist 2 2 -
Freeze Resist 32 32 -
Lightning Resist 2 2 -
Spirit Resist 2 2 -

Ascension Cost Table

ThaliaPortrait Small.PNG There are 20 kind of Celestial Evos and all of them are hard to find!

Every Ascension requires a certain amount and kind of Evos. Celestial Evos are rare and hard to find. Eight kind of these are really rare. All kind of Evos are sold at the Ascension tab (Hero's profil) for Gems.png 10, 20, 40, 500 or 800 gems, depending on the Evo type. The rare Celestial Evos are the most expensives. The following table is calculates a score for each Ascension on basis of the gem prices for the needed Evos. That way you can see which Heroes are easy to ascend and which ones are hard to ascend because they need more Evos, somtimes many more rare Celestial Evos than other Heroes need.

The table displays the hypothetical amount of gems needed to buy all the required Celestial Evos from the Shop. The higher the value is (=more rare Evos are needed) the harder that hero is to ascend and the longer it can take. A value lower than 500 most likely means that there are no Celestial Evos needed for that Ascension.

NOTE: The values are hypothetical and for comparison only. You don't have to spend gems to get all these Evos. You can hunt Evos, buy them in the PWN Shop for Pwnage Point.png Pwnage Points, combine them, find them on Evo Island and in Portal Summon Gold.png Great Portal Summons, and get them as quest rewards during Events.

The calculation is: Sum of (number of evos * shop price)

Hero Rarity First Ascension Second Ascension Total Score
Abigail token 0.png Abigail the Brutal Gold 300 2,350 2,650
Admiral Kreel token 0.png Admiral Kreel Silver 3,340 8,200 11,540
Agnon token 0.png Agnon Gold 3,420 8,160 11,580
Alexandros.png Alexandros Silver 2,400 7,700 10,100
Alrakis Skullkeeper token 0.png Alrakis Skullkeeper Legendary 8,800 20,800 29,600
Emily token 0.png Archangel Emily Gold 3,280 4,200 7,480
Archon token 0.png Archon Legendary 5,500 11,200 16,700
Aria token 0.png Aria Legendary 14,600 16,600 31,200
Augustus the paladin token 0.png Augustus Bronze 2,050 6,700 8,750
Balog token.png Balog the Loud Silver 3,760 4,300 8,060
Balur token 0.png Balur Legendary 4,900 11,200 16,100
Bauble token 0.png Bauble Silver 3,900 8,120 12,020
Black Diamond token 0.png Black Diamond Silver 3,090 4,200 7,290
Bovus token 0.png Bovus El Doro Silver 300 2,370 2,670
NubNub token 0.png Chief NubNub Silver 300 2,350 2,650
Cobressa token 0.png Cobressa Gold 3,800 7,640 11,440
Craw token 0.png Craw Legendary 4,800 7,800 12,600
Crucible token 0.png Crucible Legendary 6,600 9,700 16,300
Cruel king token.png Cruel King Bramble Legendary 3,300 7,880 11,180
Dagrund token.png Dagrund Blacksmoke Gold 2,420 7,740 10,160
Deadeye token 0.png Deadeye Gold 4,400 10,000 14,400
Dhaegon Stonecrusher token icon.png Dhaegon Stonecrusher Legendary 2,800 4,920 7,720
Drakk the Warlord token 0.png Drakk the Warlord Legendary 6,000 13,800 19,800
Ekko token.png Ekko Bronze 3,080 4,200 7,280
Ella token 0.png Ella Ametryst Bronze 300 2,350 2,650
Ember Sanguine token 0.png Ember Sanguine Gold 13,100 15,600 28,700
Emperor Zulkodd token 0.png Emperor Zulkodd Legendary 7,000 11,200 18,200
Ferno token 0.png Ferno Gold 4,700 9,800 14,500
General Krexx token 0.png General Krexx Gold 3,320 9,320 12,640
Goretusk token 0.png Goretusk Gold 4,150 7,700 11,850
Grettle token 0.png Grettle Legendary 6,400 11,200 17,600
Grog Gnog token 0.png Grog-Gnog Legendary 3,900 8,120 12,020
Grondar token 0.png Grondar Legendary 5,500 12,000 17,500
Hagrim Felhorn token 0.png Hagrim Felhorn Gold 3,320 7,720 11,040
Hansuke Undying token 0.png Hansuke Undying Gold 3,320 5,680 9,000
Harbinger token 0.png Harbinger the Terror Legendary 9,400 12,100 21,500
High King Valkin token 0.png High King Valkin Legendary 5,900 12,000 17,900
Hopper token 0.png Hopper Gold 4,400 7,600 12,000
Icebloom token 0.png Icebloom Gold 4,000 8,600 12,600
Icepick token 0.png Icepick Gold 3,860 7,900 11,760
Ignus.png Ignus the Mad Silver 2,180 7,400 9,580
IGOROK token 0.png IGOROK Legendary 3,280 7,800 11,080
Indigo token.png Indigo Gold 3,300 7,800 11,100
Iris token 0.png Iris Gold 5,350 7,700 13,050
Jabber token 0.png Jabber Clenchjaw Bronze 240 2,290 2,530
Jibber token 0.png Jibber Clenchjaw Bronze 3,050 7,800 10,850
Jin Lei token 0.png Jin Lei Legendary 5,900 12,000 17,900
Julius token icon.png Julius Gold 3,300 7,840 11,140
Jumbeaux token 0.png Jumbeaux Legendary 3,600 7,800 11,400
Kai Makani token 0.png Kai Makani Gold 3,860 7,900 11,760
Kelpy Shells token 0.png Kelpy Shells Gold 2,740 8,200 10,940
Yorick token 0.png King Yorick Silver 3,150 4,200 7,350
Kobal token.png Kobal the Pestilent Bronze 350 2,390 2,740
Koros token 0.png Koros Gold 4,240 7,640 11,880
Kozar Bonebreaker token 0.png Kozar Bonebreaker Gold 3,720 7,640 11,360
Nimriel token 0.png Lady Nimriel Silver 2,300 7,560 9,860
Leonidus token 0.png Leonidus Gold 2,300 6,700 9,000
Brom token.png Life Reaper Brom Silver 2,480 7,780 10,260
Lily Blossom token 0.png Lily Blossom Legendary 3,340 8,200 11,540
Zomm token.png Lord Zomm Legendary 3,580 7,760 11,340
Lorelei token 0.png Lorelei Legendary 5,500 11,200 16,700
Lumin the Radiant token 0.png Lumin the Radiant Legendary 7,000 7,700 14,700
Lupina token.png Lupina Gold 240 2,290 2,530
Malice Token.png Malice Gold 3,900 7,760 11,660
Mangle jaw token.png Mangle Jaw Bronze 300 2,350 2,650
Marrow token 0.png Marrow Silver 4,150 7,700 11,850
Masuta token 0.png Masuta Kira Gold 1,600 6,700 8,300
Miko the Marvelous token 0.png Miko the Marvelous Legendary 5,500 12,000 17,500
Mire token 0.png Mire Legendary 3,880 8,160 12,040
Moriko token 0.png Moriko Legendary 9,400 12,100 21,500
Nitpick token 0.png Nitpick Gold 290 2,330 2,620
Niveous token 0.png Niveous Legendary 8,800 20,800 29,600
Overlord token 0.png Overlord Executum Bronze 3,030 4,200 7,230
Phemus token 0.png Phemus Silver 350 2,350 2,700
Phenol token 0.png Phenol Thoxian Silver 2,380 7,680 10,060
Pignius token 0.png Pignius Maximus Silver 3,200 7,700 10,900
Pontifex token 0.png Pontifex Mortis Legendary 3,280 7,800 11,080
Reyla token 0.png Reyla the Lightbringer Legendary 4,900 11,200 16,100
Rocky token 0.png Rocky the Shiitake Gold 2,990 4,200 7,190
Rogar token 0.png Rogar Stonecrusher Bronze 130 2,310 2,440
Takumi token.png Samurai Takumi Silver 2,380 7,660 10,040
Selwyn token 0.png Selwyn the Enduring Gold 300 2,350 2,650
Serenity token 0.png Serenity Legendary 7,600 11,200 18,800
Shade token 0.png Shade Legendary 3,860 8,160 12,020
Daeris token 0.png Shadow Queen Daeris Silver 4,280 7,120 11,400
Shadowblade token 0.png Shadowblade Silver 3,070 4,200 7,270
Shieldmaiden Astrid token 0.png Shieldmaiden Astrid Gold 3,700 7,660 11,360
Sifu token.png Sifu Jianzhi Gold 2,420 7,740 10,160
William token.png Sir William Bronze 240 2,290 2,530
Solaris token 0.png Solaris Legendary 6,000 10,800 16,800
Spitfire token 0.png Spitfire Gold 4,700 9,800 14,500
Squinch token 0.png Squinch Bronze 240 2,290 2,530
Stonefist token 0.png Stone Fist Bronze 110 2,310 2,420
Sun Wukong token 0.png Sun Wukong Legendary 14,600 19,000 33,600
Sybil token 0.png Sybil Legendary 11,600 11,600 23,200
The Furnace token 0.png The Furnace Legendary 3,280 8,200 11,480
Fiddlestrom token.png Therand Fiddlestrom Gold 3,100 4,200 7,300
Torchy token 0.png Torchy Bronze 190 2,250 2,440
Tsume token 0.png Tsume Gold 310 2,370 2,680
Thraxx token.png Underlord Thraxx Legendary 9,400 11,200 20,600
Undine token 0.png Undine Legendary 9,400 12,100 21,500
Viperia token 0.png Viperia Gold 3,320 7,640 10,960
Vulcan token 0.png Vulcan Legendary 9,400 11,200 20,600
Willow token 0.png Willow Swift Bronze 110 2,290 2,400
Yan Luo token 0.png Yan Luo Legendary 7,400 10,000 17,400
Yasmin token 0.png Yasmin Bloom Bronze 110 2,350 2,460
Yokozuna token 0.png Yokozuna Silver 3,080 4,200 7,280
Zen token 0.png Zen Gold 2,320 6,780 9,100
Zola token 0.png Zola Gold 3,600 7,800 11,400
Zurk token 0.png Zurk Bronze 300 2,350 2,650


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