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The Aether Shop is a shop where you can use an in-game currency – called Aether Tokens.png Aether – to get the exclusive hero Aria token 0.png Aria, Skin icon.png Ultimate Skins, and other cool items that won’t be available anywhere else!

Unlock the Aether Shop

Any player that has at least one six-star Hero (★★★★★★) AND at least one excess Hero Token can access the Aether Shop.

How to quickly get 6-star Heroes

  • Heroic Portal Summons are the quickest way to get a lot of hero tokens. The game offers serval ways to earn free summons. These summons can be saved up and used later.
  • Collect tokens for Leonidus token 0.png Leonidus. These can be obtained from Challenge Mode and Campaign Quests
  • Excess tokens of Bronze and Silver Heroes give you constantly every day a bit Aether
  • Claim your Daily Rewards and do the Daily Quests to earn tokens and Portal Summon Gem.png free Heroic Portal Summons.
  • Use your Raid Ticket Icon.png Raid Tickets to climb up the leagues and get hero tokens
  • Join a Guild, collect at least 6000 every week with your guild members for a free Portal Summon Gem.png Heroic Portal Summon. Save 10 free Portal Summons to do a 10x summon (not 10 single summons but 10x at once). There are frequent days when the Portal has increased chances to gain tokens for the featured hero. Doing a 10x Heroic Summon guarantees tokens for a random Gold Hero additionally.
  • last but not least: Participate in Events! Such events pay out a lot of tokens for featured heroes and rare event heroes.
  • Excess tokens of Legendary Heroes are converted to a much higher amount of Aether but the tokens are also harder to get.

Excess Hero Tokens

First 6 star Hero unlocked the Aether Shop

When you raised the star rating of your favorite Hero to the maximum of six stars (★★★★★★) any further collected tokens are considered as excess Tokens and will be immediately converted into Aether Tokens.png Aether. Each time this happens, you will see excess Tokens earned count down and how much Aether is gained.

Aether Exchange Rates

What is each excess Hero Token worth in Aether?

Great Portal Summon: Bovus is a Bronze Hero. 1 excess token is converted into 5 Aether

All Heroes have been classified as either a Bronze Hero, Silver Hero, Gold Hero or Legendary Hero.

Excess Hero Tokens are worth:

  • 1 Bronze hero = 5 Aether
  • 1 Silver hero = 10 Aether
  • 1 Gold hero= 30 Aether
  • 1 Legendary hero = 300 Aether

Aether Shop Items

Like the other Shops in Dungeon boss the Aether Shop offers all the goodies sorted into different categories. There is one tab for each category: Featured, Boosts, and Items. All available items cost Aether Tokens.png Aether tokens. Let's have a look at the different tabs:


Since August 2020 there are bulk offers with a discount for Stamina and Raid Tickets.

Items tab offers stamina and raid tickets

  • Energy Icon.png +100 Stamina cost 1,000 Aether
  • Energy Icon.png +1000 Stamina cost 9,500 Aether
  • Raid Ticket Icon.png +8 Raid Tickets cost 1,000 Aether
  • Raid Ticket Icon.png +80 Raid Tickets cost 9,500 Aether

The offers have no daily limit.


Boosts that last for 2 hours

Each boost will be active for 2 hours.

  • 2x Honor gain for PvP cost 3,000 Aether
  • Free Rune Unequip cost 3,000 Aether
  • 2x chance for Celestial Evos cost 2,500 Aether. PRO-Tip: This stacks with the 3x Evo day event
  • 2x Gold from dungeons cost 2,000 Aether. PRO-Tip: This stacks with The Golden Hoard event during that all Dungeons payout 2x gold. Visit Gold Island and get rich!
  • 2x player XP from dungeons 2,000 Aether


Featured tab offers Aria and Ultimate Skins

Note: All Ulimate Skins costs 65,000 Aether and add an extra trait to the hero. Check out Ultimate Skin Effects for details.

Notes, Updates and Changes

  • Aria token 0.png Aria is very rarely featured in the Portal and her tokens are very rarely rewarded during events. If you see her there try to get her tokens. It will save you Aether.
  • Ember Sanguine token 0.png Ember Sanguine was together with Aria for a very long time an Aether exclusive hero. She became a Gold Hero and moved to the Portal when the New Portal Update (Feb-2019) was released.
  • Prior the New Portal Update (Feb-2019), the Aether Shop offered various hero tokens for some time.
  • Looking for another Shop?
  • Check out the game update May, 17 2016: Introducing the Aether Shop for more details