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Introducing the Aether Shop

The Aether Shop is a shop where you can use an in-game currency – called Aether – to get exclusive heroes, Skin icon Skins, and other cool items that won’t be available anywhere else!

Unlock the Aether Shop

Any player that has at least one six-star Hero (★★★★★★) AND at least one excess Hero Token can access the Aether Shop.

How to quickly get 6-star Heroes

Excess Hero Tokens

Thaila Aether Shop

First 6 star Hero unlocked the Aether Shop

When you raised the star rating of your favourite Hero to the maximum of six stars (★★★★★★) any further collected tokens are considered as excess Tokens and will be immediately converted into Aether Tokens Aether. Each time this happens, you will see excess Tokens earned count down and how much Aether is gained.

Aether Exchange Rates

What is each excess Hero Token worth in Aether?

Bovus excess tokens converted into Aether

Great Portal Summon: Bovus is a Bronze Hero. 1 excess token is converted into 5 Aether

All Heroes have been classified as either Bronze, Silver, Gold, Legendary or Exclusive. A selection of Hero Tokens is available in the Aether Shop since launch. Aether Shop content is subject to change over time.

Excess Hero Tokens are worth:

  • 1 Bronze hero = 5 Aether
  • 1 Silver hero = 10 Aether
  • 1 Gold hero= 30 Aether
  • 1 Legendary hero = 300 Aether

Aether Shop Items

Like the other Shops in Dungeon boss the Aether Shop offers all the goodies sorted into different categories. There is one tab for each category: Items, Boosts and Featured offers. All available items cost Aether Tokens Aether tokens. Let's have a look at the different tabs:


Aether Shop tab items


  • Energy Icon +100 Stamina cost 1,000 Aether (no daily limit)
  • Raid Ticket Icon +8 Raid Tickets cost 1000 Aether (no daily limit)


Aether Shop tab boosts


Each boost will be active for 2 hours.

  • 2x Honor gain for PvP cost 3,000 Aether
  • Free Rune Unequip cost 3,000 Aether
  • 2x chance for celestial evos cost 2,500 Aether
  • 2x Gold from dungeons cost 2,000 Aether
  • 2x player XP from dungeons 2,000 Aether


Aether Shop tab featured


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

These questions and ansers are taken from the official FAQ found in the Dungeon boss forum:

Will we be seeing more new Heroes and Skins exclusive to the Aether Shop? Will they ever be released into the Heroic Portal?
We currently do not have any plans to move the Aether Shop exclusive heroes, Aria the Light Acrobat, and Ember the Fire Healer, to other areas of the game. As for new exclusive Heroes and Skins for the Aether Shop, you’ll have to wait and see!
Will we ever see previously released Skins in the Aether Shop?
Short answer: Yes. But we’re still exploring the when and how of it. Stay tuned as the Aether Shop evolves, and in the meantime, enjoy the lovely Lady Nimriel skin!
Will you still be releasing new Heroes and Skins in the Heroic and VIP portals?
Yes, definitely new Heroes in both portals. We’re not moving away from that. Our plans for Skins are diverse, and some will only be available via the Heroic Portal or the Aether Shop, while others will be available via in-game objectives (similar to what we did with Daeris Tokens).
Will we be able to purchase Aether with money?
There are no plans for Aether microtransactions at the moment.
How was each Hero valued for the Aether to Token conversions?
We had to look at how rare each Hero was in our game, and determine the effort needed to get it. It was a combination of those factors that led to our new classification of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Legendary. However, Lupina is the exception. We wanted to make it easier for players to acquire her tokens, since they were hard to get in the game. Therefore, she is a Bronze hero, in that her Tokens are cheaper than the other three tiers (when she rotates into the Aether shop).
How much Aether will excess tokens be worth for Daeris?
We haven’t determined that yet, as it will be a while before anyone has excess Tokens for her.
While you’re here, will Yorick token 0 King Yorick ever leave the Tower of Pwnage as a reward? I have SO many Tokens!
With the introduction of the Aether Shop, that won’t necessarily be a bad thing! There are currently no plans to replace Yorick, but we’ll let you know ahead of time if we do!

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