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Barren Wastes

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Sulfurious must be desperate for troops! It's widely known he doesn't like things with fur on them, so why does he have THEM here?
Chapter 16
Entry Energy 5
Landscape Lava Cave
Recommended Level 42 (Normal Mode), 72 (Challenge Mode)
Number of Areas 4+Boss


Enemy Stars
Scarlet Death 3 (Normal Mode), 5 (Challenge Mode)
Gutpunch Runner 2 (Normal Mode), 4 (Challenge Mode)




Hero Token: Torchy

Evos: Fire Evo Sprite, Fire Evo Monarch

Rune: Lesser (Normal Mode) / Improved (Challenge Mode) Battle Rune (Fire)

Materials: Wildfire Blossom and Flame Crystal (Normal Mode), Brimstone and Flame Steel (Challenge Mode)

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