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Frost Fire Chasm

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PRO TIP: Save your Friend's Hero abilities for when you really need them and maximize their effects!
Chapter 16
Entry Energy 5
Landscape Ice Cave
Recommended Level 41 (Normal Mode), 71 (Challenge Mode)
Number of Areas 3+Boss Fight


Enemy Stars
Frost Adept-Caster (Water) 2 (Normal Mode), 4 (Challenge Mode)
Pyromancer Adept-Caster (Fire) 3 (Normal Mode), 5 (Challenge Mode)


Ash the Inferno-Caster (Fire) 
Ferro the Blizzard-Caster (Water)


Hero Token: Sir William

Evos: Water Evo Sprite, Water Evo Monarch

Celestial Evo: Mind's Eye Evo

Rune: Lesser (Normal Mode) / Improved (Challenge Mode) Bulwark Rune (Water)

Materials: Snowbell and Ice Crystal (Normal Mode), Pure Frost and Frozen Steel (Challenge Mode)

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